Composite decking tiles in polyethylene and fiber rice husks

ARKANS is specialized in coating, protection and implementation in both wet and dry environments elements from embellish all kinds of new and old buildings.


Components used in our tiles

In a sustainable manner, ARKANS deckings are designed to be to recycling:

HD polyethylene is from the reuse of plastics recycling. It supports constraints temperatures ranging from -50 to +100 degrees Celsius. It is used for various manufactures that require high resistance: plastic crate , pipes for water , ice rinks , etc.

Rice husks, which are crop residues, are abundantly available. These residues are recycled and allow use without any impact on the environment.

Associated with polyethylene, the result is remarkable and this assembly provide a high performance outfit.


Assembly is very simple and does not require complicated equipment. Deckings are fixed by ARKANS claws, black color to be as unobtrusive as possible. These claws are removable and therefore allow the change of one or more elements if necessary.

Standards and certifications

The certification applies to our products and authenticates the absence of prohibited substances. However, our products have passed the tests with flying colors constraints expenses (2000 kg/m2) and temperatures (-50 to 100 degrees Celsius).

Acacia range

ARKANS it's also flooring tiles in acacia wood.

Acacia resists attacks affecting wood (insects, fungi and molds parasites, weather, etc.). This wood, ideal for outdoor environments, has the distinction of offering good resistance to moisture. It remains strong against rot and requires no special treatment.

Its longevity is amazing and can even go up to 1000 years.

Ecological because it offers by its appearance and qualities an excellent alternative to exotic woods. It has the same characteristics as Teak and most tropical wood.

Ecological because this product is not treated by autoclave (CCA , copper, chromium , arsenic, et.) , unlike some wood that will not benefit from this framework in an optimal recycling and will therefore be classified as waste.

ARKANS flooring tiles are in full compliance with respect for nature.

ARKANS flooring tiles in acacia wood are on a plastic base .

Wooden parts have a surface treatment which is mainly composed of a protective oil embellished your flooring tile and faces the most diverse climates.

This coating has a good ability to protect acacia wood UV (Ultra Violet ) , and also avoids the deformation and fading to gray .

Spring grain and appearance of wood are improved .

All the elements that make up these tiles are resistant to permanent moisture, heat, cold and the rain temperatures.

ARKANS flooring tile have a favorite spot on your terraces, pool edges, bathrooms ,etc.

They are available in different compositions:

• 6 slabs aligned
• 8 slabs staggered or aligned
• 16 slabs offset

Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 2.4 cm

Arkans • Composites in rice husks 


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