Manage your account

Click on the shadow in the banner to access your account. Enter with your identification code or your email address and your password.

IMPORTANT: To receive a new password automatically by email, click on the link If you have forgotten your password on the identification page.

Your personal home page displays your account information, your tag, the QR code of your page, your identification code and your email address, the conditions of your subscription and a summary of your invoices if any.

You can edit your email address and the name and the address printed on your invoices. You can also modify your password.

To enter directly with your Facebook account, configure your account with the same email address. On the identification page, click on the button next to the input field for your identifier.

Your identification code in 6 small letters is displayed in bold. You can't change it.


Use the vertical menu bar at the right of the page to read the user's guide, display your personal page, edit your personal page, create QR codes for your personal page, send a newsletter to your contacts and analyze the traffic on your personal page.

Use the search zone in the banner to access the page directory like on the public home page. The search zone and the cloud in the guide let you use the index of the guide.

Clicking on the logo always sends you back to your home page.

Click on the cross in the banner to disconnect and return to the public home page.


To publish your page, you must purchase an annual subscription for 10 EUR plus tax. The payment is done directly online. As soon as the payment is confirmed, your page is accessible and referenced in the directory.

Before you can buy your subscription, you will have to complete your account information with a billing name and a billing address.

IMPORTANT: A user who is identified can always display his own page.


All your payments are listed on your home page. You can print your invoices at any time.

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