mcPaLo is a company specialized in the research and development of applications and services for the web.

Manage your activities • Control your time • Make the right decisions • Work with confidence

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Put on line, in just a few minutes, a multimedia and multilingual website which looks perfect on any support.

Upload a LibreOffice or a Windows document, a PDF or a JPG, PNG or GIF image and extract the text in it. Index the text with Solr. Find by relevance the documents corresponding to a precise or an approximate text, a language, a date, a file name or a file size. Refine a query by following suggestions. Display the list of terms indexed by a document. Find documents similar to a document. Get a full report on all the terms in your index by language with for each term, the number of documents matching it and its maximum frequency in a document.

Configure how images are extracted from a PDF and how images are prepared for the OCR (resolution, orientation, contrast, brightness, resizing, cropping, borders, etc.) and reuse this set of parameters by program with the API.

Upload a PDF document or a JPG, PNG or GIF image and extract the text in it (TXT, HOCR, BOX). Read the barcodes. Convert the document or the image to a PDF/A. Validate a PDF/A. Scan a PDF searching for potential threats.

Configure how the images generated for the OCR or the barcode reader are preprocessed (resolution, orientation, contrast, brightness, resizing, cropping, borders, etc.), name this set of parameters and reuse it by program with the API.

Ask us to add a specific postprocessing of the text extracted from your documents (clear text from a PDF or read from images by OCR, content of a barcode) to verify the result or obtain formatted data output in a JSON or XML file which you will be able to feed directly to another service.

Manage a deposit of LibreOffice or Windows documents on your interactive wall.

Edit a document directly in your navigator with CODE – Collabora Online Development Edition.

A signmii attests that a document, a photo, an archive or any digital file existed at a certified time.

A QRmii is a QR code which contains a short URL which is automatically redirected to a complete URL.

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mcPaLo is proud to support iZend - The web engine.



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