Rebecca Companie

English professor ✪ University of Lorraine
American ✪ Private lessons for adults


Private online classes for adult learners wishing to improve their professional English:

➥ Preparation for exams, French public service examinations, TOEIC
➥ Professional training
➥ Coaching for job interviews, meetings, presentations
➥ CVs and cover letters

Private lessons are the most efficient way to learn a foreign language. A relationship of trust develops between the trainer and the trainee so that the trainee gains confidence and progresses steadily. Online classes using Skype or Google Hangouts allow the students to feel more comfortable, as they are working in a familiar setting. It is also easier to organize schedules and propose flexible hours.

I was born and raised in Iowa, USA and my accent is light and very easy to understand. I have lived in France for 30 years and I am totally bilingual. Please start the audio player ▶ under my picture to listen to the recording and see what you think.


25 € per hour ☀ First lesson of 30 minutes for a first contact for free


Today and for 20 years

University of Lorraine

English professor at the IUT (Institut Universitaire de Technologie) of Saint-Dié-des-Vosges and at the ESSTIN (École Supérieure des Sciences et Technologies de l'Ingénieur de Nancy)

Teacher at the GRETA (continued education)

In the past

Schlumberger Sedco Forex at Montrouge ➠ Legal department

Laboratoires Abbott at Rungis ➠ Financial department


CAPES d'anglais ✒ IUFM Paris

Bachelor of Science in English ✪ Iowa State University
Bachelor of Arts in French ✪ Iowa State University

Business card

Rebecca Companie

English professor
+33 (0)6 01 45 62 86


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