Steve Davis

An entrepreneur, triathlete, husband and father.

Owner and President of Bio::Neos, Inc.

Bio::Neos is a small business that provides bioinformatics data analysis services, and develops custom software for researchers in the life sciences industry. Because of the small size of my company, my position exposes me to all aspects of the company spanning research and development, management, marketing, sales, and everything in-between.

We at Bio::Neos come from a strong research background that taught us the importance of research. Our services support the research community, be that academic labs, medium sized biotech companies, or large pharmaceuticals. We find ways to work with researchers of any budget, because we are passionate about the science.

President of the Hawkeye Endurance Athletics Team

I lead a non-profit social club of about 70 members with responsibilities including sponsorship fund raising, organizing events, and promoting and advocating for active lifestyle.

Business card

Steven Davis


2500 Crosspark Road BioVentures
52241-4710 Coralville
Iowa USA

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