Fonts, column display, hiding text, networks and number of images

April 8, 2016 17:17

Dear BuZZer,


You can now choose a Google font for the title of the page, the titles in the text and the body of the text.

In the editor, go to the section Fonts at the bottom of the page before the section Text, enter the name of a Google font in one of the 3 fields, that is Title of the page, Titles and Text. By default, all the titles are displayed in Helvetica and the text in Verdana.

Here is an example:

Display in columns

The new tag [row] displays images or texts in columns. Add the parameter bytwo, bythree or byfour to spread 2, 3, or 4 contents in as many columns. The safest is to define 2, 3 or 4 paragraphs and surround all of them with a [row] tag. If the size of the screen is less than 640 pixels, all the contents in a [row] tag are automatically displayed separately one after the other.

Hiding contents

Use the new tag [ignore] to surround parts in the Text section that you want to keep but that you don't want to display.


You can now add a link on and SoundCloud.


The number of images that you can insert in the text or display in the gallery has been raised to 20.

See you soon!