Menu bar, audio, paper and networks

January 19, 2016 17:08

Dear BuZZer,

Always more options to personalize your website.

Menu bar

To add a menu bar in your BuZZmii page, before the text or anywhere in the text, you only have to insert tags [menu]Title[/menu] in the description of the text where you want the button Title of the menu to send the user and check the option Activate the menu bar.

The BuZZmii of QRmii - 1 URL 1 QR shows an example:

You can align the menu to the left, at the center or to the right of the page, activate a scrolling effect and add a link to the contact form at the end of the menu.

The menu bar can be placed anywhere in the text with the tag [menubar]. The character font of the menu is the same one used for the titles in the page.

Background paper

The page QRmii - 1 URL 1 QR also shows how the paper for the page can be spread all over the background. It's now the default rendering if no image and no color has been configured for the background.


Another major extension: the possibility to add an audio in a BuZZmii page. All you need to do is upload an audio file of the format MP3, AAC, AC3, OGG or WAV < 5 MB and the page will automatically show an audio player to the left at the top before the text.

The BuZZmii of the artist Kéo Merlier-Haïm shows an example:

As soon as an audio is uploaded in the editor, you can decide to start the player as soon as the page is displayed, to read the audio in a loop, to display the control bar for the volume in the player, to align it in the middle of the page.

Use the tag [audio] to place the player anywhere in the page.


You can now add a direct link to Airbnb.

See you soon!